Monday, September 23, 2013

Three years and counting...

Three years ago yesterday I started this blog.  I started with no real goal in mind.  I just knew I had stories to tell and I needed an outlet to tell them.  I put out a request on Facebook for name suggestions.  I signed up for a Blogger account.  And The Potluck Diaries was born.

Over the past three years, my life has changed.  I have been through breakups... thank heavens those days are over.  I met Jake and got married.  We moved and then moved and then moved again.  We are really tired of moving.  We have made friends and said goodbye to others.  We have experienced loss and then the thrill of a new little life growing.  And through all of this, I have experienced God's goodness and grace and have been able to share those things with all of you.  I have told my stories and then listened as you told yours back to me.  And I am humbled by your honesty and openness.

I am not as faithful to writing as I used to be, but I am still here and the stories are still swirling around in my head.  Soon I will be writing blogs between feeding a baby and washing cloth diapers.  I believe it can be done.  So here's to another three years of changes.  You keep reading, I'll keep writing.  Thanks for joining me on my little blogging journey.  We have made it three years.  Congratulations to us.

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