Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You know those moments when the weight of a thousand different things pile up on you and you feel completely overwhelmed?  On their own, the situations might be manageable.  Easy, even.  But put together, they leave you feeling like the whole world has gone wrong, and there is nothing that will ever make it right again.  I had one of those moments last night.  I am still having one of those moments, to be honest.  But last night, I had a meltdown.  Like a "somebody died" crying spell, even though no one actually did.  I went into our spare bedroom, sat down on the bed, and I cried.  And I prayed.  For kind of a long time.  And when I would try to stop, something else to pray for would come to mind, and I would start crying all over again.  But when I would think about each person, each situation, each need, the word that came to my mind over and over is the word healing.  Each situation needs healing.  And so, as my friends and family passed through my mind, I prayed for healing.

Today the word healing has been going through my head.  It showed itself in my Bible reading this morning (and don't think for one second that is a coincidence), and it has come to my mind in song.  And I made it a point to talk to a few of the people that came up in my thoughts and prayers last night and I let them know... I am asking and expecting God to heal their situation.  As my day progressed, you know what I discovered?  More situations that need healing.  They just keep coming.  And while I am thankful that those kinds of situations aren't on my doorstep right now, I know they could be tomorrow.  And so I pray.

For my single friends that are lonely and tired of feeling like they are doing life on their own, I pray for healing.  I pray for you by name.  For the one that fell in love again (even though you thought it was impossible!), only to lose him to someone else, I pray for healing for your heart, too.   For the one struggling with drug addiction, and you don't even see it clearly yet, I pray for God's healing in your body and your life and your family.  For the one whose husband is awaiting tests and is hoping that the word cancer does not come up, I pray for healing in this waiting period.  For the ones who lost trust in your marriage and you are working furiously to regain it and rebuild your life, I pray for healing in your relationship.  The work will be worth it, and I am proud of how far you've come.  For the friend that still grieves over the death of a sister, I pray for healing for you... I always will.  For my brave friend that has sacrificed everything to courageously fight her battle against bulimia, I pray for complete healing for your mind, body, and spirit.  For the one who lost her best friend to cancer, I know you still feel it, and I pray for healing for your spirit.  For the one who worries about her children, about carrying the parenting burden alone, I pray for healing for your little family.  God will fill in the gaps... just wait, you'll see.  For the friend who is struggling financially, even though you are one of the hardest workers I know, I pray for healing in your finances.  For the one who found out today that the things you need cost far more than what you have, I pray for healing.  And provision.  Our God has endless resources, and I know you know it better than even I do.  For the ones who married crazy people, you know I am always praying for healing... for the crazy and for you.  For the children who are caught in the mix of so many of these situations, I pray for healing in those little lives.  

And so tonight as I think and I pray, this song is going through my head.  There is a story behind the song and the songwriter (shown in the video), and some people have written off the song and the singer because of the story.  It involves lies and betrayal and is not worth repeating.  Because just as God heals our sickness and our heartache and our families and our financial situations, he also heals our sinful selves.  And that's our only hope.

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  1. You are a sweet friend to feel so deeply for the hurts of others. Kinda looks like the heart of Jesus to me. The weight of this world is too much - but Jesus is ABLE! Love to you and all yours that are hurting!



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