Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sayonara, 2011!

This time last year I was preparing for a New Year's Eve date with a man who would some two weeks later break up with me via text message.  I lived in a little apartment by myself in Grand Prairie, Texas, and I worked out approximately 4 times a week.  I fit into my skinny jeans, and I spent lots of time writing songs and going to Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas for open mic night.  I liked my life, but it was definitely missing something.  What a difference 365 days can make.  2011 has been a good one.  It has had its share of bad, but overall, I am happy with the things this year has brought my way.

2011 was the year that...

  • I bought sparkly gold shoes
  • It was cold and icy in Dallas for more than one day
  • I rediscovered my skill for making homemade buttermilk biscuits
  • I turned 34
  • I met Jake Turner and
  • I went on a date with him and
  • I married him
  • I got to travel to Nashville
  • I discovered that my body cannot handle roller coasters anymore
  • I spent five days in Mexico and gained three pounds
  • Urban Taco came out with potato, zucchini, and poblano tacos (this is a noteworthy event)
  • I bought Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits Collection on record for only $2 at an estate sale (which necessitated the next bullet point)
  • I bought a record player
  • I bought a new couch
  • I traveled to Chicago and spent time with my lovely friend Dotti (aka Christi, Dooters, Dotterpants)
  • I used my iPhone 4 for just about everything- photography, banking, recipes, social networking (of course), blog writing, dining out, scheduling, Alabama-football-score-keeping, traveling, keeping my two-year-old niece entertained (which might also make me her favorite)
  • I got a Keurig
  • I got the worst haircut of my life.  Thank you, Clarice
  • I wrote a blog and got Facebook unfriended (twice) by an adult family member that didn't agree with me
  • Netflix raised its prices and I didn't bat an eye
  • Netflix threatened to changed their DVD service to "Qwikster", which would have required me to keep up TWO Netflix-related accounts (to which I almost deleted the whole thing)
  • I decided to buy clothes that fit, no matter what size they are (no one sees the size tag but me)
  • my Mary came to visit (four whole times)
  • beautiful Amasa Joy Thexton was born (aka Dooters Julianne & DJ)
  • Caryn (Amasa's lovely mother) had a baby and looked like a supermodel the next day (giving me hope that I will not end up morbidly obese when I have a baby)
  • My best bud Elisa found out that she is having a sweet baby boy
  • I decided to learn to crochet a baby blanket (for Elisa's baby boy)...  I really should get on that
  • I watched all seasons of Mad Men on Netflix
  • I got a new job
  • I moved to The Colony, Texas
  • I finally got a two bedroom apartment
  • I became a part of Ranch Community Church
  • I had a conversation with my twelve-year-old nephew about his having a girlfriend
  • I got deleted from Facebook by the twelve-year-old nephew AND his girlfriend
  • I got a fancy camera for Christmas (but don't think for one second that I will give up my Hipstamatic)
It's funny how quickly life changes.  I am sitting at my dining room table, looking out at my new apartment, which has been newly decorated by my incredibly talented brother.  My husband is in the chair in the corner with his computer, trying to find out if there is a legitimate iPad 3 release date (he will not rest until he gets an iPad).  I am about to get up and get ready to go to my new church and get a few things ready for church services tomorrow.  Pretty much everything that my day will consist of are things that have come along in 2011.  Lots of changes and lots more to come.  About 12 more hours and I will welcome 2012 with open arms.  Sayonara, 2011!  It's been fun.  

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