Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Said Yes.... Part One

It all started on a Friday night, sitting around my mother's dining room table.  We were together as a family to celebrate my brother Craig's birthday.  I checked Facebook from my phone and announced, "Who is Jake Turner?".  Everyone kind of shrugged and talked amongst themselves "Do we know a Jake Turner?"... "What's Jake's last name... you know, the guy you work with?".  No one knew.  But here I was with a friend request from him.  Lives in Arlington, Texas.  Works as a Worship Pastor at North Pointe Baptist Church.  Facebook told me that we had one mutual friend, Andy Gullahorn, one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  I checked out Jake Turner's pictures.  All four of them.  Not helpful.  I was almost certain that I didn't know him.  Next I did something that is the opposite of what I normally do.  I said yes.  But as soon as I did, I had to know if and how I knew him.

Me: Hello, Jake Turner, do I know you? :)

JT: Hello, Julie Munroe! Um, you don't know me actually! My apologies for the somewhat weird friend request from a total stranger. I'd just seen that we play music and enjoy many of the same artists. Andrew Peterson happens to be my all time favorite songwriter. And Gullahorn and Phillips? C'mon!

Me: Well then, as long as you promise that you are not a serial killer... Let's be friends.

And so it began.  We exchanged Facebook messages that night, and into the next day.  I insisted on knowing how he came across me on Facebook.  Andy Gullahorn and his wife Jill Phillips were going to be playing a show in the DFW area, and I had RSVP'd on the Facebook event.  The list of people going was short, and while trying to make up his mind about attending, Jake Turner saw my photo and clicked to see my profile.   

Saturday came, and I had rodeo plans with my girlfriends.  There was a little change in plans that made me question my decision to go.  My brother and his wife were in town with my niece and I seriously wanted to spend time with them.  Our church flooded that day, and there was tons of work to be done.  So I canceled the rodeo plans, and I chose to work and hang out with family and then meet up later in the evening with a girlfriend for coffee and live music at the Opening Bell in Dallas.  Then I logged into Facebook and I saw it.  Right there in my newsfeed.  Jake Turner was also going to the Opening Bell in Dallas with a friend.  He says that I made my plans after I saw his, and I might allow him to believe that.  The truth is, I panicked a little.  I worried that he would think that I was following him.  So I sent a quick Facebook message.  

Me: I believe that I am foregoing tonight's rodeo plans that I had and headed to meet two girlfriends at Opening Bell.  So, I thought I would give you a heads up, lest you think I am a complete stalker and following you.

JT: Haha! Super creepy! Kidding. Well, thank you for the heads-up.

And so I went.  As I walked in the door of the Opening Bell, I spotted my ex-boyfriend sitting in the corner.  Delightful.  Glad I dressed up.  Thankfully, we were on friendly terms, and so I hugged him, said a quick hello, and made my way to the line to order a cup of coffee.  I scanned the room and didn't see Jake, but then again, I only had a few Facebook pictures to go from and I had no real idea of what he looked like.  Within a few minutes, he found me.  We stood and talked so long that one of the musicians in the night's line up brought us two chairs so that we could sit.  Eventually, Jake called his friend over to where we were, and the group of us spent most of the evening talking and completely ignoring the musicians that we had come to see.  We closed down the Opening Bell that night, and when we walked out to the parking lot and he walked me to my car, Jake Turner asked for my number.

So there it is.  We officially "met" on Facebook.  And so began a series of yes's that you will hear more about later.  But this was the first.  So, yes, Jake Turner, I will happily be your Facebook friend.  Thanks for asking.     


  1. love it ~ can't wait to hear more. :)

  2. cute :)

  3. Ok - just now catching up and reading this! Loving it so far! :)

  4. "Me: Well then, as long as you promise that you are not a serial killer... Let's be friends." lol bahaha...that's nice Jules :)



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