Wednesday, February 23, 2011

34 Things I Will Do Before I Turn 34

I am a birthday announcer.  My entire family forgot my ninth birthday, and so I learned at an early age that I was responsible for my own birthday happiness.  And so I announce.  In preparation for this year's big day, which to be honest feels a little scarier than the ones that came before it, I am making a to do list.  I plan on updating you on my progress, complete with photographs when and if I remember to take them.  With some of these tasks, I need suggestions, so feel free to throw yours out there and help me on my way.  If you have your own suggestions for goals to add to the list, I am happy to consider those as well, even if it puts me over the 34 mark.
  1. Travel to Nashville, Tennessee.
  2. Lose 5 pounds.
  3. Write two new songs.
  4. Clean out my car... no, seriously.
  5. Get a pedicure.
  6. Listen to an entire Joni Mitchell album.
  7. Give $20 to a complete stranger.
  8. Go to the drive-in movies.
  9. Carry on one entire conversation in a British accent.
  10. Go on a date.
  11. Eat steak and spaghetti at Demos' restaurant.
  12. Give away all clothes that are too big.
  13. Give away all clothes that are too small. 
  14. Delete at least 5 Facebook friends that regularly annoy me.
  15. Fast for a day.
  16. Try some form of seafood to see if my tastes have changed, even though the thought of it makes me gag a little.
  17. Do yoga in the park on a sunny day.
  18. Ride in a convertible (Craig, this requires your cooperation).
  19. Watch one scary movie.  Not gory, just scary.  And I will take suggestions here.
  20. Skype with friends in New Zealand.
  21. Throw away most of the ex-boyfriend cards and letters that are taking up space in boxes.  Don't worry, I will keep the funniest ones for blackmail purposes.
  22. Listen to my ipod on shuffle for an hour WITHOUT skipping songs.  
  23. Make a list of things I will do before I turn 35.
  24. Unsubscribe to most of the store emails that I receive.  I never, ever read them. 
  25. Call my grandmother.
  26. Send out 5 handwritten letters.
  27. Find a new podcast that I love.  Taking suggestions here as well.
  28. Write two more blogs.
  29. Buy myself a birthday present.
  30. Have a picnic lunch. 
  31. Go visit the kids that I used to pick up for church on the van route and invite them to come back for my birthday Sunday.  I miss those kids.
  32. Have people over to my apartment for dinner.  Like more than 4.
  33. Play at a park, with or without children.
  34. During the song service at church, replace one word of a hymn with a swear word and sing it loudly to see if anyone notices.  This was my brother's suggestion, lest you all think I am going to hell.
So please stay tuned as I keep you updated on my progress.  And for those of you who are wondering, March 13.  Mark your calendars, friends.  Happy Birthday to Me.


  1. March 13 is the day Michael and I got engaged, so it's definitely a good day! :-) Have fund with your list. Can't wait to see the results!

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  3. #34... PRICELESS! That made me literally LAUGH OUT LOUD! That is great! I can see it now!



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